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Abstract Architecture

Summer Work Options

by Amber Donaldson, B.S. Arch '24

There are various summer options for students. The three main paths are research, summer classes, and internships. These options are particularly valuable for students who hope to turn architecture into a career and can aid in the process of licensure. However, there is no pressure for students to choose an architecture-related path for the summer, as everyone has a different plan for their future. Feel free to reach out to an advisor to help figure out what path is best for you.


There are various listings within the A-School for summer positions, and all are paid. The School of Architecture Career Development Office sends out an email weekly that highlights new job listings. (These emails also include positions for during the semester). Students can also apply for research grants or fellowships with the A-School or other institutions university-wide.

Summer Classes

Students have the opportunity to take summer classes at UVA or other universities. Depending on what classes you decide to take and what university you choose, the credits may or may not count directly toward a major or minor. One common example of summer classes at UVA within the A-School is the summer study abroad program to Vicenza. During this program, students are able to earn 6 credits while abroad, with the bulk of the course load taking the form of hand drawings. 


There are a variety of categories of internships that students can apply for that relate to architecture. Students can explore traditional architecture, landscape architecture, set design, furniture design, interior design, construction, and planning. Depending on the internship, it may be possible for students to begin to log their hours in anticipation of licensure.

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