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Geometric Architecture

7 Things to Do Your First Semester at the A-School

by Molly Bierman, B.S. Arch '26

The first few weeks of college can be very overwhelming, especially considering the size of UVA. This topic will give new students of the School of Architecture a short itinerary of things to do during the first few weeks to help them get more comfortable with Campbell Hall and the University as a whole.

Explore Campbell Hall 

While Campbell Hall will be the primary location for all of your A-School classes, the building (and its surroundings) has so many to explore and discover. Some locations to check out are the Fab Lab, the North terrace, the Fine Arts Cafe, the Hot Desks and the exhibition gallery on the 2nd floor. Campbell Hall has so much to offer students, you just need to know where to look!

Come to an
A-School Event

Every week the A-School holds school-wide events that aim to connect students and staff as well as opportunities to hear from guest speakers. These events provide a time and a place for many important discussions occurring in the field of architecture and allow students to be a part of those conversations. Be sure to read your email so that you can be aware and sign up.

Go to Office Hours

While most people think you need to have some sort of question when going to your professor or TA’s office hours, this isn’t the case! If you do have a concern this is the perfect environment to raise it, but office hours also serve as a great way to build relationships with your instructor.

Check out the Fine Arts Library 

The Fine Arts Library, conveniently located right next to Campbell Hall, is a great place to find resources for your classes as well as a quiet place to study between classes. If you're ever having trouble finding sources, or just need help getting started, the Fine Arts Librarians are an amazing resource and are always willing to lend a hand!

Go to the A-School Club Fair 

During your first few weeks at the A-School, there will be a school-wide club fair, separate from the university-wide club fair. At this fair, you will find clubs and organizations (like AIAS) of people who love architecture! There is a group for just about anything about architecture, so make sure you check out the fair and sign up for anything that interests you!

Lunch on the Lawn 

The lawn during the warmer months not only serves as a great place for a picnic with friends,  but also serves as a fun way to get to know Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village. During your time in the A-School, you will find that the architecture surrounding the lawn is constantly brought up and studied as it is such a valuable piece of history right at the center of our very own university. So, while you're hanging out, take a second to look around at the architecture that surrounds you, it will help you in the future!

Explore the Corner

The Corner, located just down the street from Campbell Hall, has many restaurants and cafes perfect for a midday pick-me-up or dinner after a long day at the A-School. Because of its close proximity, you will probably find yourself there picking up food more times than you’d like to admit! 1515, a great study spot for UVA students is also located on The Corner, so make sure to check that out as well!

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